Is Dick a D!€k or what?

Is Dick a D!€k or what? Dove, who he use to be in a relationship with, falls off a building helping him and, instead of checking on her in the hospital, he goes to see Wonder Girl. Really?

He did check on her at the beginning of the episode after that one. She’s in good hands at the hospital and Hawk is there for her.

Dick has a bigger and closer relationship with Donna


At this point, what I want to know is: does Dick still have a job? He wanders off with Rachel and checks in with Amy once, then once with Perez (to find out Amy is dead) in ep 2, and has traveled to DC, then Chicago, and various other places in that general vicinity. At least 7-9 days have to have passed by ep 8. Police detectives may have a little more ability to wander than patrol officers, but its still generally an hourly type job and just dropping off the grid w/o approval is not going to go over well.

Likewise, the writers have created a situation where Starfire is definitely a wanted person, which isn’t really helpful.