Is DCUI Down?

DCUI app crashes on start. iOS 15.3.1 on iPhone 12 Pro Max. Restarting phone and reinstalling app does not help. Anyone else experiencing this?

I’m having the same issue.

Hey @moro and @shazam7894 (welcome back to the community!), thanks for reporting this issue. I’m sorry to hear that you’re both having trouble accessing DCUI.

@moro - Please try clearing your cache to see if this fixes the issue.

@shazam7894 - Can you let me know what device you’re attempting to access DCUI on (and the type / browser if applicable) as well as the troubleshooting steps you have tried (restarting your device, re-installing the app, clearing your cache, trying a different browser, etc)?

Unfortunately, community moderators do not have access to the technical system. If you are still encountering issues after the troubleshooting steps, please reach out to our Billing & Technical Support team at:

They’ll be able to get you sorted out as soon as possible. Thank you! :orange_heart:

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Had the problem for an hour or two, and it… fixed itself. I did send a ticket in and they said they would look into it.

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Interesting - I am glad to hear you have access now. Thank you for the update. :slight_smile:

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You’re very welcome. Thank you for always being around to help!

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I’ve had this issue two days in a row.

Just started having this issue today. Hopefully it clears up soon.

Hey @vawright.8981 (welcome to the community!) and @SteveTrevor2.0, I’m sorry to hear that you’re both also having trouble accessing DCUI. Thank you for letting us know that this is a re-occurring issue.

Similar to above - can you let us know what device you are attempting to access DCUI on (as well as the browser if you are using a web browser)?

Some troubleshooting steps to try:

  1. Use a different device.
  2. Use a different web browser (e.g., if you usually use Google Chrome, try Firefox).
  3. Uninstall and reinstall the app.
  4. Restart your device.
  5. Clear your cache.
  6. Turn off your ad-blocker.

If none of the above steps work, please reach out to our Technical team here:

Unfortunately, community moderators do not have access to your account details or the technical system, so we’re unable to assist further. Please let us know if you find a resolution or have any other unexpected issues; our team will be able to help you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your understanding. :slight_smile:


@Shayera.Hol Thanks much for the advice! Option 3 did the trick and now I’m back in business.


Whew, good to know! :slight_smile: