is dc role-playing still a thing

Because I used to be on dc all access and used to rp there but with it gone I hope there would day be a return of it.


I know I saw someone recruit to a DC Roleplaying message board here a few months ago. Sadly I don’t remember the name or link. Maybe you can find it with search or someone else remembers.

I also see some twitter posts doing DC RP once in a while. There seems to be a community around that. It looks from the outside to be relationship focused.

Hope you find a good group.


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Well you do have 4 bats. I can’t compete with that.

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@biff_pow Oh, really…




You were right. I tried to summon five I swear but it didn’t work.


Maybe we can be Robinses.

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“Five bats? Either that’s a pinochle deck, or you got some explains to do, fella.”

And round of applause for the first person who can name that quote.

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It must be something a Tibetan martial arts master said, because I know, as Batman, you have time for nothing else.

You can try looking in other places. I know there are several rp groups on Tumblr and discord that I am a part of

Me and my wife still role play, does that count? Ha


The 2nd Edition Mayfair DC Heroes RPG was the best DC branded rpg.
Unfortunately, while TSR’s Marvel RPG has been taken over by fans and has survived into the 21st century, the DC system got tied up because the system migrated to Blood & Heroes.

Blood of Heroes was like a DC Heroes version 3.5, but without the DC Universe or characters.
It had potential, because the system itself stayed basically the same. And it was an award winning system.
But Blood of Heroes had subpar art, not so great layout and design, poor choice of cover art and very little promotion.

You can story-based role play right here in the General Forum of the DCU! Just visit kingofspeedster’s thread, NAME THE CAHRACTER(S)…BEST FIT FOR THE SCENARIO!!

Check it out today, and every day!

Yup! Twitter is the spot for it. Hit up @ChangingTitan if you ever join! That’s me.

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Yes it is, look around on RP forums.

Me, my girlfriend and a few of my friends still do some RPing on Facebook (but RP is dying there) and on Discord.

Somebody was talking about a DC RP forum somewhere over in the fan creations board just earlier today.

You tell me (Batman)!

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