Is DC looking at our fan creations?

Does anyone from DC official look at our fan creations? If so, is there a way to maybe get an audience with one of the comic book writers or whoever plans the comics and just tell them your ideas for new comics and shows using existing DC characters?

They might not put it into action, but maybe it would be nice just to be heard?

I’ve read about writers and producers from other shows avoiding fan interaction of that sort because it could lead to legal issues, but that doesn’t mean they don’t lurk or get reports on the fan vibe/interests in these threads. :slight_smile:

Well, it’s their IP, so I don’t really know how legal issues over their IP would work outside of their favor. I just want to mention some ideas I had to people who might be able to play with them.

I never looked into how DCU handles user content, so I’m not sure if by posting here you’re automatically forfeiting your rights to intellectual or created property. But as far as other cases go, writers didn’t want to be accused of stealing fans’ ideas. Sort of like that situation with the Deadpool 2 Christmas release, and fans accusing Reynolds of robbing the concept from a fan’s tweet.

I read the relevant section of the terms of use (What? I’m a law student. I want to work in IP law.) and it shakes out like this: You own anything you write on here, but by putting here you give WB a license to use, modify, or make derivative works based on it however, whenever, and for as long as they want. So while they do have to tread carefully on most platforms, they can read our stuff all day.


There’s been some discussion about thanking people for their fan creations by applejack. I know they look at the art but I don’t know about the writing.

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Haha, and ty BatJamags for researching what I was too lazy to. :wink:


If only they let us know they were reading it…

The problem is that if you’re not posting in Fan Creations and you’re not using DC IP (acronyms, yay!) then you get into some murky waters.

Yeah, I was referring to on here.