Is dark nights metal, death metal else worlds or not?

I haven’t read up to rebirth yet but I just don’t understand how death metal takes place in the same universe that like current dc comics such as Batman.

It’s a multiverse-spanning epic. It does take place in the main universe, but one which has been seriously distorted by the incursion of the Dark Multiverse. Like all event comics, it will sort itself out in the end.


I started reading death metal and had to put it down after 10 pages because I didn’t know what was going on.

I mean how did the world get completely destroyed by the Batman who laughs? I assume the world in death metal is the main world.

Now granted I never read Dark knights metal, rebirth and the only rebirth comics I’ve read is Tynions run on Batman and Venditti’s justice league run.

I’ve only read up to final crisis so far because I just started reading comics about 8 months ago and started from crisis on infinite earths and read my way up. So I’m lost on a lot of current dc events.

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A lot of the story is very dependent on Scott Snyder’s pervious run on Justice League. I haven’t read it all, but from what I understand, this is the most basic reading order.

Dark Knights: Metal
Justice League: No Justice
Justice League #1-39
Year of the Villain: Hell Arisen


Well I have a long ways to go to catch up then. Problem I have is when you have events like that happening right now but it’s not happening in any of the other dc universe series like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, justice league etc.

So when does it supposed to take place?

One major issue I have with comics is they don’t always tell you when everything happens. It would be nice if they had an timeline you could follow of the current universe so you know what happens when.

In my opinion, the entire Metal arc has been a confusing, muddled, forced mess.

The Batman Who Laughs is such a bad character.

When will DC and Marvel learn that they need to stop forcing events (Event Leviathan, Metal, etc) and get back to just telling good stories. Last year there were multiple events happening at the same time that contradicted one another (this is happening in Batman and Dectective as well as Action and Superman today).

DC is in desperate need of some good editors that can work together to create a better universe.