Is Comixology Unlimited Worth It?

Just wondering if it’s worth paying for yet another subscribed service. Granted it’s only $6 a month, but I want to know if it’s actually going to save me money in the long run on comics in conjunction with DC Universe. I know members get a 10-15% discount to purchase comics that can’t be “borrowed”, but I wanna know what everyone else thinks.

Absolutely. DC wise there’s some carryover on what they offer, but there’s plenty of different material – especially in terms of Vertigo. Factor in the other publishers, and it’s totally worth it for any comic fan.

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I like it alot. It’s absolutely worth it for the DC content alone as well as titles from other publishers. Reading Aspen’s Soulfire and Fathom as part of the deal is great.

You can try CU for free for a month to get a feel for it. If you don’t like it, just cancel before your month is up. If you do like it, just keep it going.


I’ve had it for a month and it’s great! Well worth the money in my opinion!

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It’s not DC based, but reading Michael Turner’s Soulfire on my TV via CU is awesome. Such beautiful artwork.

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I’ve yet to read comics on my TV. I’m the kinda guy that needs background noise, so I just turn on whatever show’s in my que and let it run while I read.

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Landscape Mode is your friend. Try it out sometime. It’s a feature on the comic reader here too.

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Yes! Totally worth it if you want to get a sampling of comics from all publishers. Don’t expect full series from the big publishers. But if you just want to check out an assortment of stuff, it can’t be beat.

At this point I’m all digital, so the 10-15% off then pays for itself if in buying current books.

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If you’re only reading DC stuff…probably not. Most of what was on there when they launched has been added here since though the advantage of Comixology Unlimited is that it has a slightly friendlier interface. You can read stuff in trade instead of single issues and the guided view is the best in the industry right now. Plus stuff rotates out every month though if you’ve not returned a borrowed book you can still download it.

If you want to read other companies than it gets a lot better. Valiant and Boom pretty much put up all their material about a year or so behind the initial release and there are some pretty decent selections from IDW and Dark Horse. You also get a small selection of Marvel stuff (but you’re better off with Marvel Unlimitef for that) and its a good way to preview the first volume of a lot of Image series to see if you like them.

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If you spend more than forty dollars a month each month, the 15% off new issues pays for your monthly fee. That alone is a reason to join immediately.

There is much more Vertigo there then here, and that will continue for a long time. Almost every title has at least a volume One.

Vertigo not included in library is usually 15% off. That is true in general.

Wait for a sale for much more savings. Be patient.

Certain titles are available in library but not here, like Crisis on Infinite Earth

If you have any interest in other publishers, they are in library as well. For example Immortal Hulk is getting great reviews. I believe volume one
Is in the library.

Yeah, right now I only have room in my life for one comic publishers and that’s DC. I’ll try it for the month and see if it actually saves me anything. Thanks a lot guys!

I think it’s worth it for all of the Vertigo stuff it has!

I would consider it if I could read it on my TV. I have cable modem, not wi-fi so I can’t read on a tablet and don’t really like reading on my computer, at least not extensively. If I could read Comixology on my Roku I would probably consider it.

Absolutely worth it if you like to read other publishers. Probably not worth it if all you read is DC.

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It looks like they had a TON of issues of Grimm Fairy tales from Zenoscope. I highly recommend them to anyone who has read all they want from DC. Zenoscope, and that tile especially are some great stuff.

They have tons of sales every week. Low as $4.99 trade books.

Worth it for Valiant alone. Adding some DC stuff was just the extra icing

I would definitely try it out for a month if it is free, but instead of subscribing for $6/month get an Amazon prime sub then you get comixology unlimited for free. Sure prime isn’t as cheap as it used to be, but for all the other stuff you could use besides comixology might make it worthwhile.

Amazon Prime and Comixology are separate. I have both and Comixology does still charge me a monthly subscription fee. It’s not included with Prime. It’s no biggie to me. I highly recommend Comixology.


It’s worth it if you want to binge your way through a wide circle of things, or into one series you’ve never checked out before. I did it for one month and it helped me catch up on a lot of (relatively) recent X-men stuff, and also go deep into Hunter Rose Grendel stories. I’d consider it again for a chance to read Hellboy, and maybe the rebirth versions of Aquaman, etc. But the pressure of needing to read comics all the time within the month to get my money’s worth was actually a bit annoying. And you’re still never going to get current issues on unlimited, so if you’re caught up with one or two series that you love, all it gets you is the bonus sale boost. At 15%, you’d have to spend $40 a month for the extra sale bonus to equal 6 bucks. I have a few titles ongoing, and tend to wait for the collected editions and sales to come out. I’m sure I’ve reach that amount sometimes, but not routinely. So I don’t do it. If you buy the full-price, single issue (read: expensiiiiive) versions of many dif Marvel and DC series, it might be worth it as a regular thing.