Is COIE crossover trying to hit every fanboy note?

This upcoming crossover is trying to hit all fanboy notes:
Brandon Routh as Kingdom Come Superman
Butt Ward in undisclosed role.
Black Lightning making an appearance
Finally just saw Kevin Conroe will play a live action older Bruce Wayne


Conroy sorry typo

Poor Burt

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I had a similar thought; that they’re gathering as much nostalgia as they can.
From one perspective, it’s a fun way to honor and recognize the various forms DC’s characters have taken over the decades.
Yet, my inner cynic can’t help but note that a lot of this is meant to distract from the subpar writing that’s plagued most of the CW shows for several years now. “Sure, they heroes stood around and let the big bad get away to stretch out the story, but look! The voice of Batman is here! We’re all about you, despite writing to pander to teenagers that don’t care about or read comics!”


@Mr_Morbach I agree.
I am super excited but at the same time hope its not just a “hey look we got all your favorite stuff” then deliver a bad story. I enjoyed the last crossover only wish they had more time and eps. to tell the story. I here this one will be 5 but really I think it should be its own season (10 eps.)

I will say I am so happy Routh is getting to don the suit again and hope they give him a good part. He was a great Superman and wish he had gotten a better chance. Return was not a bad Superman story but perhaps not the best choice for a big budget movie.

Also SO GLAD Conroy is finally getting the chance to play a live action batman I have wanted this for a long time. Grew up with BTAS and he is Batman to me.


I also am hesitant that they are putting in too many characters and we will end up with an X-men Last Stand or Spider-Man 3situation .

Isn’t Tom Welling going to be in it? Even if not, last season’s crossover used the Smallville’s theme, so maybe they are trying to emulate Smallville by cramming as many characters at once.


Somehow I think these are going to be, at best extended cameos. I doubt, with maybe the exception of actors already have performed in CW (Routh, Shipp, Pays, Lynda Carter, Slater) any of these others will have extensive scenes.

In my opinion, the original Crisis Crossover was all about cramming as many characters into the story as possible! The more the merrier!

Let’s say DCEU Flash is seen in the distance within the speed force, and that’s all we get. We’d love it! You know you would. Just a split second as he’s reaching through to yell at Batman… awesomeness.

Or a glimpse at an underwater kingdom that we’ve never seen before…

Or Hawk gearing up for one more fight alongside Dove.

Or Raven crying out, lost in the darkness.

Or Robotman, looking back at our heroes. And he yells, “What the f_@k?!”

Or someone with a red cape… wait a minute, that’s not Superman! Holy moly! It’s a whole family of superheroes!

So many-second scenes…
So many possibilities…



Sounds like a complete mess. But hopefully it works out

To be fair though, Crisis on Infinite Earths was a big mess as well. So hopefully the show will streamline it some and take all the extra cameos and references and use them in a way that fits for the story. Regardless though, it’s gonna be a massive treat to watch for us DC fans.


In regards to scope, this has the potential to be DC’s TV equivalent to Marvel’s Endgame. Obviously not the same, but CW is doing something never done before on broadcast TV, and this could be one epic send off for Arrow.
With all the major announcements, my two biggest wishes for the Crisis are these unconfirmed rumors:

Tom Welling appearance

John Diggle becomes Green Lantern

I’m excited for it, but also a bit worried that they may be trying to cram too much in such a short amount of time. There’s the Crisis storyline, all these new characters to introduce, existing characters still have to deal with issues from the current storyline of their own shows, and the event will also most likely be a big part of the swan song for Arrow.

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Let’s just hope it is actually well-written though and not just escapism, bright colors, and action with no substance.

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@ANerdWonder Given that the CW is making it, that’s probably all it will be. And while I prefer stories to be more grounded in something, I’m still excited for COIE.