Is Beast Boy still Technically a Superhero?

The show says he’s an actor, but is he still part of the team?

Yes you see in the YJ trailer that he’s fights along the team

His backstory is child actor b4 he becomes a superhero. His adoptive mother, Rita Farr Dayton at the time she & Mento adopt him, was also an actress as I’m sure u know b4 becoming Elasti-Girl. She actually got her powers while filming a movie. Which I’m sure u also knew & even had a quick shot of that event on Titans.

I also loved that Beast Boy did the “the more u know” 80’s deal where celebrities would pop on during commercial break & tell u a random fact. It even had the stars shooting like the original ones on tv back then.

He’s still a hero but more focused on the acting gig ATM. I imagine he’s on a reserve team should he be needed.

His role on Space Trek dates back to the 1970’s Teen Titans #50. Well done to the YJ writers for the obscure easter egg!

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