Is Batman Hush not on here anymore?

There’s an episode of DC Universe Presents where they introduce Batman Hush.

Now I’m watching on my Roku, but I go on the app and search Hush. I get no results in the comics. Does this mean that it was taken off? Maybe, maybe not, but I would think not if they still have DC Universe Presents… presenting it.

Which just leads me to the interface of this whole thing. I know we’re early on, but it needs an overhaul. Specifically in finding arcs to read.

On my Roku, the comics section has been devoted to Death of Superman over the past week. Cool, it’s all in order and I can follow it. But when this goes away and it instead becomes devoted to Teen Titans, then what? How do I continue reading Death of Superman? It then becomes a very difficult proposition which will require outside research and downloading the titles one by one on my phone.

I had also planned on getting into Identity Crisis but oops, all but the first issue have been removed. So going back to my original question, is Hush also removed? How do I find the issues involved if not? Are they planning on making this better??

Hush isn’t on here at all. Long Halloween was on here for a brief minute and they took it off. New Frontier shows all the issues on the page but only issue 1 is downloadable. Same with All Star Superman

Well I know Long Halloween is coming later in the month. Hush must have been on here though! Why else would they have the show promoting it?

Hush was on here and is no longer from what I see.

Hush was never on DCU. I raises this issue the first day and was told to be patient. Several weeks later and nothing has changed.

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You may very well be right but I would have sworn it was and saw it and was pulled along with the other movies that were pulled. My b if you know better