Is anyone still keeping up with NTT 1980?

Im close to the last issue available, and it have been awesome. Just want to know if more people have been able to follow the fast (and of course ridiculous) pace.


I read issues 1 through 7 and loved it.

But I agree, the pace they want you to read at before they remove comics is insane.

And why are they even removing comics?


I gave up after issue #15. They yanked #16-20 away so the heck with it. I’ve moved on to titles their not threatening to take away yet.

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Same. Made it to #14 and then they got yanked. Very frustrating. If I hadn’t already paid for the year, I would be seriously thinking about cancelling my membership.

I’m on issued #38. So, I’ll finish sometime this weekend.

I’m on 29 so far and plan to finish up to 41 by next weekend. And YES, the pace has been ridiculous. I’ve had a few late nights reading where I should have been sleeping but dont want to possibly miss anything.

I downloaded them all to read later

I am up to issue 24, hoping to finish 27 by Sunday. the pace is too much though, am I really going to be able to read 15 issues in one week after that? That is too damn much, again I am not objecting to them not leaving them up forever but this is starting to feel like it is overwhelming by deign. I get that the Titans trades are money but it isn’t a good look if people feel you are trying to railroad them into paying. I mean 15 issues in 2 weeks… that’s more then one issue a day on average… that just doesn’t feel reasonable.

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NTT was a great run, especially when George Perez was on it.

Loving NTT, but I agree, they need to leave the issues up much longer, if not indefinitely. I want to be able to savor a series at my leisure, not have comic reading be like a job with a deadline!

Also, the general rule should be to include entire storylines or runs of issues so we’re not bait-and-switched. I mean, come on, they only have #1 of the Perez Wonder Woman?? That’s just being jerkish.

If comics must be switched out, they should announce it like six months in advance so we have plenty of time to plan our reading.

I downloaded them all to read when I have time

The downloading trick doesn’t work on all devices. And it’s a lame hack to get around a crappy aspect of the service.

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Batman would be able to figure out why DCU pulls comics all the time so quickly!

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Am keeping up barely but keep ending up finishing just before they yank the issues so not sure I can keep up at this point.

Finished. Great story. Next, Judas.

I got as far as #15, but couldn’t make it to #20 before that batch was removed.

I have - been really enjoying it so far. I’m hoping they add more of them before they start removing the 1984 versions. I want to read everything in order.

Can’t enjoy what’s not there and constantly gets removed…


I could not keep up. It was put up and removed too quickly. A lost opportunity for me.