Is anyone reading The New Order?

I heard something about it somewhere.

As in Nightwing?

I think so. Something about a new regime

You’re referring to Nightwing: The New Order, a six issue mini-series written by Kyle Higgins. It’s available in our library.

I haven’t read it, but Kyle Higgins is a good writer of Nightwing in other books, so I gather it’s at minimum a decent read.

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I actually fell asleep with it downloaded on my screen so I’m gonna correct that today.

There’s also a Justice League New World Order on site under storylines. You mean that one?

I think I meant the other one but thanks

I just started the new order Nightwing, it’s great & you’re welcome. I wasn’t sure cuz that JL is great too & idk which one people were talking bout, but JL New World Order is great imho & This Nightwing I just began is great too so far. I can already tell it’s gonna be great.

Just finished it’s soooo good imho.

Yes, so good. I can’t believe this is a book that just came and went and nobody was taking about it. Kyle Higgins loves the character, it was good seeing him write a Nightwing Elseworlds story after he did an amazing run on him in the New 52, which was also an amazing run.

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You’re absolutely right. If it wasn’t for this site & this post, I would’ve never looked for it. I passed over it a hundred times when skimming titles & thought exactly that. That if it was decent I would’ve heard about it at some point. Posted on here & read people’s posts saying it was good & read it last night. Blown away how great the art & storyline was. Even the characters. Total package imho.


I know, it’s my favorite Elseworlds story! I would a sequel to this, too.

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Thought it was the best Nightwing story ever


I never do this but felt compelled cuz WOW!!! What a great comic. I can’t believe nobody, (DC friends of mine included) ever mentioned this to me b4. I literally had never heard of it til I saw this post. Then I read it thinking probably gonna be average at best & it was unreal. The art grabbed my attention 1st, then I got pulled into the storyline. Next came a cast of characters, I couldn’t of asked for better picks. Great ending & that’s what u call a great read. Even the twists were great. I wanted to say bunch more but I don’t wanna spoil, that’s why this post is long. Trying to say what I want to w/o spoilers. I’ll just say, I loved the conundrum Nightwing had to face & the lady he happened to be with, is the one I pick for the never ending argument, & the other woman is one of my favorites so that’s never anything I’d say lightly. This comic deserves more attention.

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