Is Anyone Excited for Stargirl?

Based on what we’ve seen, Stargirl looks… really bad. Crisis on Infinite Earths just revealed the Justice Society of America in the show and all the costumes look like pajamas.
I want this show to be good, but all the signs are pointing the other way. Even next to The CW shows, Stargirl looks cheap.

I just watched the 2 new trailers on The CW app. It looks fine? Doesn’t look like it fits with the Arrowverse or DC Universe.

I am looking forward to it way more than Superman and Lois.


I probably won’t watch Superman and Lois or Green Arrow and the Canaries. I’m kinda looking for a way out of the CW shows.

I still have high hopes for Stargirl. I like the cast and I’m open to a new corner of the DCU.


I’m doing a countdown for Stargirl, I can’t wait for the show to start. One of the original reason why I sign up DC Universe is because of Stargirl. Had I known it was going to be on CW, I would still sign up, commercial free and see it a day earlier! :slightly_smiling_face:


I like the ‘tights’ type of look for Superhero costumes, that or the fabric looks durable, leather or something as oppose to an ‘armor’ type of look.

Looking through pictures of the characters in the comics most of their costumes look like tights so I like they’re sticking a bit more towards that. Watching the full trailer I’m keeping my expectations tempered since it doesn’t seem like a show I’d watch more than 1 season of but I’m gonna give it a chance.

The Robot though looks surprisingly REALLY GOOD.

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Looking at Stargirls costume she has the same dotted pattern type of looks that Henry Cavill’s Superman has, Brenton Thwaites Robin has and Homelander from The Boys has. Considering the costume designer for Titans and The Boys are the same it wouldn’t surprise me if they’re also working on StarGirl.

I like it since it gives costumes more texture that would other-wise look flat.



I am. The more JSA related content there is on TV, the more people will want to discover more of the Justice Society franchise and see why it’s one of the best team franchises in comics.


I absolutely can’t wait for this show. As both a JSA & Stargirl fan there’s no reason for me not to be ecstatic. Looks great to me. Previews looked incredible imho. The Cosmic Staff & S.T.R.I.P.E. looked great & Stargirl had on the shorts version of her outfit. That tells me their sticking to the true roots of these characters, & not selling out to appeal to people who probably wouldn’t get it anyways.


Im looking forward to it and i hope it is good and as for the costume I thought they did a good job with it i think the reason they didnt wanna make it look to good is because alot of people (like myself) might not know anything about stargirl so maybe if it gets a season 2 than we will see an upgrade of the costume


I’m anxiously awaiting it. I think the costume is very similar to her Stars & STRIPE costume.


It may fit in, after all, Titans made a cameo in crisis, I guess that was cool.

I’m good with it. Obviously there’s other stuff I’d like to see but I’m going to watch whatever they put out lol… I’d like more deathstroke everywhere

As long as it skews more towards the DCU show style and less towards the CW it will be good

Disney +’s new ripoff tv show? No. Why would I? Yes, I am excited for the one true Stargirl we all know and love.

I don’t enough about Stargirl, other than it’s coming to DC Universe and CW Q2 2020, so Harley’s first season will be over, guess I’ll be giving it a shot and will learn more as it gets closer. Any suggestions on where here to start learning more? Comics, encyclopedia, links, etc?

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The Geoff Johns comics run on Stars and STRIPE is a great introduction to the character. I highly recommend it.