Is Anyone Else Excited For The Return Of Young Animal

I’m excited for the return of Doom Patrol and two new series. I just really hope that Way fixes some of the issues that I had with Doom Patrol but I’m still excited for his return.

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Thrilled. Just read YA Doom Patrol right here on DCU and loved it. Truth is, I think it’s better than Morrison’s run. It has the great characters and loopy adventures of Morrison without every other villain having an improbable nonbiological head speaking their own form of gibberish. It doesn’t take itself so seriously, art is bright and fun. So, more of that for me.

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No Mother Panic :sob::sob: but at least i can look forward to Doom Patrol.

I never really invested in it too much beforehand, but the GL book sounds pretty neat. I might give that a whirl.

@msgtv I don’t think Way’s Doom Patrol is the best Doom Patrol run but I did enjoy it. My favorite parts was of the first 12 issues were Nick Derington’s art and Tamra Bonvillain coloring. Idk if Tamra is returning to do the color since she is the colorist on Marvel’s Captain Marvel and Nick posted about it on his Instagram but he is not listed as one of the artist on the website. Way is also getting a co-writer which is Jeremy Lambert which should help with not having delayed issues which was a huge problem the first time around.

Extremely excited for that new Green Lantern book. N.K. Jemisin writing a series for DC is huge. She’s the biggest author in fantasy fiction writer now.

I never read any of the Young Animal line before, but saw this today and said hope they come out in trades because these sound awesome. Collapser specifically sounds interesting to me with the GL coming in a close second.

Need more Mother Panic.

James Harvey, the new interior artist on Doom Patrol, is a real life friend of mine! Everyone check it out, it’s gonna be nuts!

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