Is anybody reading the current Wonder Woman run?

If you are, how is it?

I had heard a number of people go back and forth on different aspects of it, but I want to hear from those who have read it or are currently reading it.

Asking because I haven’t paid much attention to it after it began, but I’m thinking of jumping back in when the Year of the Villain storylines kick off.

The writer in the past has produced great work in the past like the Vixen mini in our library.

So far i dont think she has found her voice in ths series.

I read it and i dont enjoy it at all.

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Going to be honest I really only like the Golden Age Wonder Woman stuff or her appearances on Superfriends and the Wonder Woman tv show

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I wanted to love it, because G Willow Wilson’s Vertigo series Air was so fantastic, but I jumped off after a few issues because I just wasn’t digging it.


I like it. I really like what G. Willow Wilson did with Ms. Marvel. And Ive enjoyed her run on WW, I think Greg Rucka had a great run too.


It’s been pretty hit or miss for me I loved the issues with giganta though

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It’s been pretty hit or miss for me but I loved the giganta issues but meanwhile DeConnicks Aquaman has been pretty fun

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I like that the mythological world and characters are being explored/re-introduced, but I think the story is moving too slowly and most of Diana’s current traveling companions are just meh.

I’ve been reading the series since Wilson took over the writing duties. There are a lot of compelling ideas so far. The art is also great. My only complaint is that I wish the plot/arc would pick up the pace a bit, but that’s my complaint about most modern comics.

I stopped reading about a year ago which is kinda convenient because the DCU app should pick up where I left off before too long.

Up to that point, I enjoyed the original writer since Rebirth, and when he left, it bounced back and forth among writers and the quality went from great to somewhere between not very good and pretty good. I enjoyed the writer who brought in Jason, and then it felt like there were just a smattering of smaller stories. The last one I read was with Aretemis and…Azteck? Some deep cut character so obscure even I didn’t know she existed. That storyline was overly verbose. Waaaay too much dialogue that still didn’t convey meaning clearly.

It’s pretty bad. I’m really close to dropping it.

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I stopped reading the current WW book after G. Willow Wilson’s first arc. It was good, but I started to lose interest around then, so I felt a break was needed.

Wonder Woman Giant and Justice League Dark have been my WW go-to’s since dropping her main book.

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Oops, forgot to say that my other current WW go-to is Justice League.

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I’m still reading it. Wilson has introduced a compelling concept, but it hasn’t really paid off for me yet. I’m hoping it will gain better momentum soon. I think Cheetah is supposed to be introduced during the Year of the Villain promotion. I’m excited for that.

However, I’d highly recommend Justice League Dark. I haven’t been much of a fan of the magic community with DC and have a basic knowledge of most characters, but this story is getting better each week. I love Tynion IV’s writing.

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I’m following it. An issue or two behind. It’s a bit of an introspective look at Wonder Woman, heavy on the Greek mythology stuff. A recent arc about a town overcome with lust I thought was pretty funny. I like it enough to keep following it, but holding out hope for some badass action.


Cheetah was introduced in the first couple arcs of Wonder Woman (2016) if you wanted her first Rebirth appearance. It should be on DCU.

I really disliked it. I couldn’t keep paying to read a book I really didn’t enjoy. I tried hard to like it. I did enjoy G. Willow Wilson’s Vixen and was expecting something good. It just feels like Wonder Woman is an afterthought in her own book.

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Honestly? I’m waiting for DC Universe to catch up to where i was (#55, right before The Witching Hour) before i resume. Until then ive been scratching that itch with Gail Simone’s run from 2006