Iron Studios Hawkman

You guys see the new Iron Studios 1/3 scale Hawkman statue? This thing is an absolute beast. Stands over 40" tall. There’s a version with the wings spread out, that practically needs its own room!


I saw a post about it at Toyark. Looks nice and quite fierce!

AHHHHHH!!! hawkman is one of my fav heroes. Too bad i dont have any room for it.

@dckid13 Given the size and price of this winged beast (which is a beaut), you’d be better off with a really nice Hawkman action figure.

Very cool!


Hey who gave you permission to publish my self portrait???,


Damn Don-El, you’re ripped!

Send your trainer my way :wink:

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Wowsers! That is beautiful! :heart_eyes:

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I’m in love! I don’t even want to ruin it by asking how much that costs!

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Wow :open_mouth: I bet that’s a pretty penny :money_mouth_face::diamonds::black_joker:

$1,300 on BBTS.

$1,350 actually. Big chunk of change for sure.

“Gee whiz Mister Kent, that’s alot of scratch!”

“That’s true Jimmy.”

Wow thats incredible. FYI guys my birthday’s May 31… Just sayin’ :wink:

What’s it worth if you were perhaps to melt it down and sell it?