iPad to HDMI cable

Since there is no sign of this app being available for gaming consoles anytime soon I’ve been thinking of buying an iPad to HDMI cable to mirror the screen on my TV. However, I know some paid services like this one and Netflix, Hulu, etc. block it from being shared like this. Has anyone tried it yet? I’m trying to avoid buying a Roku express.

I have an Apple TV & I love it. I heard Roku was good, & my friend has the phone cable & likes it. So there ya go. I have opinions relayed to me on all 3 of those from different friends & they all like em. I can personally tell u there’s nothing like reading a comic on a big screen tv. It takes u from caption to caption word wise in order. I’ve heard the same about Roku.

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I bought an Amazon Fire TV stick so I could watch/use DC Universe on my TV and to give my PS4 a break. I had one problem using DC Universe when I first installed it. It showed a black screen but I just deleted and re-installed the app and it worked. Before getting a Fire Stick, I used to plug my macbook to the hdmi port on my TV to watch Titans. I never had any technical problems doing that but it just got tiresome.

Oh that’s right, I forgot, I have a fire stick too. I’ve never tried it as far as app is concerned tho. I bought Apple TV the day I got this site cuz I wanted to see Titans on my tv. Then they brought it to fire stick. No regrets tho, I love my Apple TV.

@djd187.81432 I was also looking into Apple TV because of their Airplay feature. It was just too expensive for me, so I got the Amazon Fire TV Stick. If I weren’t saving up for the Nintendo Switch (so I could play Let’s Go Eevee and Mario Party), I would have bought an Apple TV but I am happy with my Fire TV Stick.

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Fires sticks awesome. I still love mine. I had a $100 Best Buy gift card I’d held onto for so long I forgot about it. I got it as a gift, at the time it was like 8months ago. So I was cleaning out wallet & found it the day after Titans aired. Needless to say I went & got Apple TV the next day. The air cast for shows is great. I just found out by accident 2 nights ago I could air cast my comics & it’s absolute heaven for me.

Wonderflash Oops I forgot. Wanted to say Mario Party might be my favorite game ever. It’s so addictive. This may sound dumb, but I decided to quit gaming cuz I wanted to win so bad I gave myself anxiety. I have anxiety & panic attack issues & my heart rate went thru the roof playing video games. Rock band was another great exception but Mario Party & Rock Band are the only ones I’ll allow myself to play anymore. Last onliner was call of duty & it gave me major anxiety cuz I wanted to win so bad. It sucks cuz I grew up with an intellevision & had every system thru the yrs till PS3. That’s when I stopped. I still have it. I use it for Netflix & Amazon, Blu rays etc…

@djd187.81432 I played Mario Party with my cousins and sister over the holiday season and it’s so fun! I wanted to win so bad and I did win the last game we played! Which character do you use in Mario Party? I either use Yoshi or Koppa Troppa. That doesn’t sound dumb. I played a lot of video games that gave me anxiety too. The Last of Us made my anxiety go all over the place since that game was pretty intense.

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@Wonder flash. I was Toad & sometimes Princess.

Yeah I have a roku but can not find the dang usb part to plug into my tv. I have just been using a chromebook with HDMI it works fine.

@djd187.81432 and WonderFlash, Love me some nintendo. I’ve played a lot more Mario Kart then Party. Always Mario or Toad. Red Shells for life!

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AquamonC137 Huge fan of Kart as well & red shells for sure. Rainbow Road my all time favorite track.

I got a Chromecast and it works great!