IOS users/shortcuts/DCwallpapers

If anyone would like to set up IOS shortcuts for automated wallpapers this is a way I do it! No jailbreaks, no extra apps, just photos and shortcuts apps are used!


Step 1
Go find the pictures you want to use

Step 2
Put each individual picture into its own album with a name describing the picture

Step 3
Go to Shortcuts app

Step four
Create new shortcut

Step five
Use the search bar and type “Find Photos” & add it to the shortcut

Step 6
Add filter!

Step 7
Click the underlined red lettered word “Recents” and find the album of the picture you choose

Step 8
Back to the search bar of shortcuts and search “set wallpaper”

Step 9
Turn off “See Preview”

Step 10
Clock “Next” and name your shortcut!

Step 11
Click over to “Automations” in the shortcut tab bar at the bottom

Step 12
Click the first automation “Time of day”

Step 13
Add action “Run Shortcut”

Step 14
Add your shortcut you just made!

Step 15
Turn off “ask permission before use”

Step 16
Enjoy your née automated wallpaper that changes at your time set!

If you’d rather change at will here’s what I do!

Complete all the steps up before step 11

Add the shortcut to a folder in the shortcuts app

Then go to your Home Screen and add a shortcut widget of your choosing!

Click and hold widget momentarily

Tab bar will pop up click “edit “shortcuts””

Pick the folder with your wallpaper!


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Here is how mine is set up for changing whenever i want!


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some of my custom 828x1792 iphone XR wallpapers!