Introducing the Watch-Along Club

In this thread we will begin the watchalong club, in which, we vote on different movies or tv shows to watch, and we decide on when to watch them together as a community, please leave your suggestions for what to watch and it when it works for you to watch.


Shadow, there are already a bunch of people who do this sort of thing.

Usually, the other threads are for an already decided film/show. This seems to put the emphasis on democracy. Also, this thread can be the central point for all other Watch-along threads.

“I dig it.”

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I’ve been curious about people who want to participate in a watch-along, but can’t find one that fits their schedule. I know there are Pacific timezoners who have trouble with the ones running now, so hopefully something can get figured out!

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I can’t wait to watch the MCU movies here with y’all :laughing:

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bump. other than suggestions, i will plug the upcoming Gods & Monsters 21 Jul 5pm PST.