Introducing DCUBC-Epics: SWAMP THING(1982-) Week3of3

Greetings and welcome to the third and final week of DCU Book Club - Epics: SWAMP THING(1982-)!

DCUBC-Epics hosts the reading and discussion of complete story arcs. :tada: We read approximately two volumes of the story per week.

DCU’s original, live-action series - Swamp Thing - debuts on May 31st. This is an excellent time to (re)read Alan Moore’s critically acclaimed, character-defining run which inspired the series.

This week, we finish the Swamp Thing series with a trip to Gotham… and space! Hmm… what DC characters might we encounter in either of those places?

:books:WHAT TO READ :books:
Alan Moore’s SWAMP THING (1982-):
• Volume 5 Earth to Earth (Issues 51-56)
• Volume 6 Reunion (Issues 57-64)

Let’s dive in! But first, we’ll start with a few tips:

:information_source: DISCUSSION TIPS
• Stop by to share your thoughts, reactions, and answers to discussion questions as you read the story.
• Spoiler comments are welcome for the full series of Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing.
• If your comments are issue-specific, add the issue number in your comment.

Week 3’s discussion begins NOW and ends Tuesday night, May 7th.


  1. What was the most heartbreaking moment in volumes 5&6? [Issues 51-64]

  2. Who was your favorite minor or cameo character in volumes 5&6? [Issues 51-64]

  3. Who were you rooting for in the Batman vs. Swamp Thing fight? [Issue 53]

  1. What was your favorite volume or issue in the series?

  2. What was the most terrifying moment in the series?

  3. What was the most memorable moment or panel in the series?

*Feel free to share your thoughts and reactions to this week’s reading and the entire series! There is a LOT we can unpack together in the comments.

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Thanks for reading along on our first EPIC journey!


I’m always JUST a week behind :frowning:

I will catch up this week. Last week was crazy for me. I love epic book club.

Hello and welcome everyone! Thanks for the feedback.

If you are on volumes 3 & 4, feel free to discuss / add comments about the issues on the Week 2 thread. l can’t edit the initial post on the Week 2 thread, but I added a comment on that thread to mention the week 2 discussion for volumes 3 &4 will stay open on there until Friday, May 3rd.

This our first time doing an Epic club, we’ll review and assess how we can organize/time the readings for the next Epic after we conclude this week’s discussion. =)

Happy Reading!


“Who were you rooting for in the Batman vs Swamp Thing fight”

I’m so sorry, Alan Moore


I’m excited for this week. I can’t wait to see what surprises are in store and Batman vs Swamp Thing? Mmmmmm



Me too! I’m just jumping in. Here’s a screen shot from #51. This is like the warning sign. “What could possibly anger me now?”
And so Volume 5 kicks off! =)

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@JL is we are really behind, (Like Me) What are you reading for the Epics next? So I can make sure to finish on time.

Hello! The next Epic has not yet been selected. I will be taking a little time to consider format tweaks. But I will let you know as soon as it’s been decided. Thanks for your interest and inquiry :slight_smile:


Alan Moore and Rick Veitch do an excellent job depicting this scene from Abbigail’s perspective.



Presenting: Swamp you-cannot-shoot-the-forest Thing (expand the picture).

He is so angry in this issue, and it’s awesome. But the warning from the Parliament of Trees to avoid power and anger is starting to feel relevant now. I really enjoyed this issue, especially the guest appearances at the end.


3). Who were you rooting for in the Batman vs. Swamp Thing fight?
On the one hand, it’s somewhat nice to see Batman finally be defeated by someone. But on the other hand, I don’t like seeing Batman defeated, especially by another hero (although Swamp Thing is not exactly acting “heroic“ in this arc - except to Abby). The battle was tense for like two seconds because I expected Batman to have some trick up his sleeve to defeat or at least make a challenge Swamp Thing. But then it was over. Overall, I think it’s fair that Swamp Thing wins in battle against the Bat since this is Swamp Thing’s story, and I like that it’s Batman who finds a logical and legal way to close the case.

I find it astounding that throughout this series, people randomly eat mysterious potatoes they find outta nowhere. I trust fruits and veggies in grocery stores and fruit stands. But outside of that, I’m not comfortable eating random veggies I find. But maybe that’s because I’m a city-girl.

I think it’s hilarious that Batman apparently has bug-spray in his utility belt.

The ending of the issue was an emotional rollercoaster!


Well unfortunately life didn’t let me read through this in time to answer the questions for week 2. I just finished binge reading the rest of week two today. It was very interesting and kept me enthralled in it till the end. I like how the darkness figured out that it needed the light as much as the light needed the darkness. You can’t have one without the other. I still can’t believe you can arrest someone for being in love with a forest elemental. Also, really enjoyed Batman popping. Had no idea he was in the swamp thing comics. Anyway, so far so good. Can’t wait to start the last two volumes.


I’m happy to hear you finished week 2! Issue #50 was just mind-blowing to me. I was on the edge of my seat through the whole thing. I could re-read that issue multiple times.

I think Abby and Swamp Thing’s relationship is one of the best relationships I’ve seen. I’m with you on the surprise of arresting someone for being in love with a forest elemental. They weren’t hurting anyone. They were just being happy and in love. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on how that all pans out in the last two volumes.

For the next epic, I’m considering leaving one thread open for the whole time, as I completely understand how life happens and pushes our schedules around. Welcome to week 3!


Everything’s Elemental. Try The Tubers. Swamp Thing brought it all to the peak in the eighties. And this run continues to be rediscovered by fresh readers.


I hope it will always be rediscovered. It’s a beautiful story and covers a wide spectrum of emotions.


Abby is a saint for protecting Liz. Dennis was a nightmare.

Abby’s memory during the memorial was so romantic and heart breaking. Her fantasy of happily ever after gave me happy tears, and then the stark change back to reality of gave my whiplash to sad tears.

Boston Brand brings hope to a funeral - yay, Deadman! Batman: “I think all of us were a little awed by a love that could stop a city.” :sob:

Swamp Thing builds an Abby to try to cope! I’m in tears again. I think that was the saddest issue in the series. He made a whole fake world and tried to live in it. That’s utter pain. My heart breaks for him.

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I’m only up to issue 50. # 50 actually gave me a lot of peace in my spiritual life. I don’t know if I believe good and evil depend on each other and that stuff, but there were other things that helped me. Just the idea that life doesn’t end after death is always comforting to me.,