Introducing DCUBC-Epics: SWAMP THING(1982-) Week1of3

Issue #21 Anatomy Lesson

Soooo good. The narration was compelling, I couldn’t wait to read each panel. I’m so excited to read the next issue! Here are the things I think it did well:

  • Introduced the characters
  • Scared me, but not so much that I don’t want to read
  • Convinced me that I MUST read #22

I’ll never forget seeing the first panel of Swamp Thing (see photo).


I’m wondering if I missed something from Woodrue’s story, how could he have been locked up and nobody noticed he was the Floronic Man? I know he sprays that flesh colored tissue on.

Hmmm, good question. They may unpack that mystery as we keep reading.

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I am literally powering through this reading, I can’t stop!!!


@IsaacBrown they do discuss a bit of his past in issue 24. I think after the old man in issue 21 gets him out to do the tests on swamp thing I don’t think floronic man ever goes back to lock up. I believe he heads to the swamp waiting for swamp thing, so he can continue his transformation and execute his plan. Dude is crazy!

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I know, right? It’s so hard to stop reading this! Feel free to post reactions when it best fits your schedule. I’m going post my reactions to #22-24 either tonight or tomorrow.

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What’s funny is, I bought the first trade on a Comixology sale a while back, so I’m actually a little bit ahead, starting with #28. But an interesting thing that I realized from reading the trade was that #21 actually wasn’t the first issue of Alan Moore’s run, but actually #20. In that issue, we see the immediate aftermath of the end of Martin Pasko’s run, with Swamp Thing’s “final” confrontation with Anton Arcane and we see how he’s “killed” and contained as we see in the beginning of Anatomy Lesson.

As for one of the questions…

“1) What did you like about the Anatomy Lesson issue? [Issue 21]”

It’s definitely an iconic issue for a good reason. It’s tense, tightly plotted, and immediately sets up the tone for what Moore intends to do with the series. The interpretation of “Swamp Thing is a plant creature who thinks is a man” was a beautifully crafted twist on the character, and one that stayed with him until very recently with the New 52.


I just finished issues 20-27 (I started with 20 because I read via the trade paperback) and wow. As a huge comic fan who for some reason has never read any of Moore’s Swamp Thing this book had a LOT to live up to. This book is so hyped up that i never thought it could live up to it.

But it did live up to it. And it even surpassed it.

This book (so far) is so so so so so so x10 great. It’s actually genuinely creepy at parts.

I’ll go ahead and tackle The Anatomy Lesson question. Of course that issue is the real stand out here. It sets the stage beautifully in such a tragic way. I loved the narration from Woodrue here. It’s so unnerving. And of course the reveal of his research which, IMO is the best part of the issue. Seeing Swap Thing react to that just broke my heart, of course the ensuing confrontation was cool too.

But actually my favorite issue of what i read so far has to be issue 23. That issue was stellar. Everything about it just worked so well. Woodrue’s confrontation with those kids, Abigail screaming out to Alec, and the ending where Swamp Thing is finally ready to get into the action. I’ve included my favorite page from this issue. This page just broke me.

Having a great time with this book so far!


Also Issue 23 ended with this page, which was just way too cool for me not to post here.


I’m with you on the tone setting on #21. By the end of #21, we know what kind of story we’re getting into.

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Issue #22
The flashbacks and dreams were a little confusing for me, but the art was beautiful.

@MattMcDonald, I couldn’t stop turning the panels on issue #23

Issue #23
The Floronic Man’s entrance and attack on the teenagers was terrifying! It felt like a stalker scene in a monster movie. I love that they called the Justice League (ha!)


I have to post this. The moment when Abby meets Swamp Thing! - Or more accurately, the moment when Abby meets Swamp Thing while he’s awake. The frogs and insects are jumping off him and he looks magnificent.


When I read the last page of #23 (the image you posted), I got chills when he said “No More” and for the first time in this series so far, I rooted (no pun intended) for Swamp Thing! I said to myself, “get him! Swamp Thing!!!”. Great issue.


Not your typical hero, it’s a horror story.

I would like to find a cool soundtrack to listen to while reading these in landscape mode. Something moody.

Here’s the background music I chose for “The Saga of Swamp Thing,”

2 tracks from The Hateful Eight Soundtrack

-l’ultima Diligenza di Red Rock
By Ennio Morrison’s
By Enni Morricone

1 track from John Carpenter Anthology
-The Thing


Those tracks are good and creepy! I’m digging the soundtrack from the Swamp Thing trailer. I like the brass and horror feel from the music. I can’t wait to hear the full theme.


#Issue 24

On a scale of 1-5, where 1 is a genius evil plan, and 5 is the dumbest evil plan in villain history. How do you rank Dr. Woodrue’s evil plan?

I laughed so hard when Swamp Thing revealed the obvious problem with Dr. Woodrue’s evil plan! Great issue! It went from terrifying to “Doh!”


Cool, glad you like it JL :slight_smile: Since getting this App and reading digital comics on the tele in landscape mode, I’ve been playing music in the background. Usually siriusxm’s Chill, that channel did not accompany ST very well.

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