Introducing DCUBC-Epics: SWAMP THING(1982-) Week1of3


Love to read? Want to read sprawling, legendary, epic tales with other community members? Great, we do too! DCU Book Club is delighted to introduce… DCUBC-Epics!

DCUBC-Epics will host the reading and discussion of complete story arcs. :tada: We will read approximately two volumes of the story per week. The reading and discussion schedule will be included in the post.


DCU’s original, live-action series - Swamp Thing - debuts on May 31st. This is an excellent time to read Alan Moore’s critically acclaimed, character-defining run which inspired the series. So let’s get to it! But first, we’ll start with a few tips:

:information_source: DISCUSSION TIPS
• Stop by to share your thoughts, reactions, and answers to discussion questions as you read the story.
• Spoiler comments are welcome, but please refrain from spoiling issues AHEAD of the discussion schedule below.
• If your comments are issue-specific, add the issue number in your comment.

Week 1 of 3: Discussion begins NOW and ends Tuesday night, April 23rd. A new thread will be posted each Wednesday for the next two volumes in the series.

Without further ado… Week 1 of Alan Moore’s SWAMP THING (1982-)!

:books:WHAT TO READ :books:
Volume 1 Saga of the Swamp Thing

Volume 2 Love and Death
Swamp Thing Annual (1985-) #2


  1. What did you like about the Anatomy Lesson issue? [Issue 21]

  2. Which house would you choose to visit: the House of Mystery or the House of Secrets? [Issue 33]

  3. Who’s your favorite minor character or cameo character?

  4. What do you think was the most terrifying moment or villain?

  5. What do you think was the most romantic moment?

*Feel free to share your thoughts and reactions to this week’s reading! There is a LOT we can unpack together in the comments.

I hope you join us on this EPIC journey. Longer reads don’t fit your schedule? Check out our weekly DCUBC which highlights a story arc from a variety of characters every week.

Week 2 of 3 for DCUBC-Epics: Swamp Thing kicks off on Wednesday, April 24th. We’ll cover Volume 3 (The Curse) & Volume 4 (Murder of Crows).

Questions, Comments, Concerns? Feel free to reach out to me, JLWWSM, on Discord or via email:


I wish they would put the original Swamp Thing on here!!!


JL has worked so hard to put this together! Can’t wait to read through this EPIC story with everyone!!


Excellent pick JL! Count me in. Read a couple issues already before, look forward to reading and sharing with the book club. We’ve always got the comics!


I’m so excited! I tried to do this with connected content! Can’t wait to read it! I’m wrapping up All-star Superman before reading Zatanna. I will just read Saga instead!!

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Matt, JL how do you determines who leads which week?

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@ All
Glad to have you for this EPIC journey. We’ll be discussing the first issue, Issue 21, in the comments very soon - maybe even tomorrow night! - But don’t worry if you can’t get to it yet, we have until next Tuesday to discuss the first two volumes (the issues are listed in the post).

@IssacBrown this series is consistently top-notch writing. Matt and I are so excited to read the whole thing with everyone and react together!

@Nathan.Payson we decide who leads by doing rock-paper-scissors (just kidding :wink: We coordinate offline - your Discord channel is very helpful for that - thanks for the awesome job you do in managing Discord.

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Your welcome!!

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Issue #21 was so GOOD!!! I’m blown away by Alan Moore’s foreshadowing. It’s great to see the foreshadowing called back on. I also think this is the best origin issue to date. One thing, I found interesting, is that on the comic there is no actual hyping about a new creative team. For those curious, Moore had written V for Vendetta at the time. This was his first DC Comic in which he turned a poor selling stereotypical monster comic into who Swamp Man is today.


I actually just recently bought 1-6. About finished with volume 1. So far Etrigan has been my favorite add in

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@Nathan.Payson I’ll be posting my thoughts on #21 tonight. I can’t wait to discuss it. It is phenomenal.

@BatDad19 Welcome =) IMO This series is so worth buying. Etrigan was one of my favorites at first, and then as I kept reading, I got new favorites! He’s a really fun character.

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Issue 21 is a great issue. I would lose it if I was swamp thing and I read woodrue’s report. Also the savagery of woodrue leaving the old man locked in the building with swamp thing at the end is totally epic!!! Dude deserved it!


Issue #21
I re-read this earlier and my first impressions after doing so is Alan Moore is outstanding, truly in a league of his own. I’ve seen scripts authors write for their artist that leaves everything to the artist imagination and I’ve seen Alan’s scripts that details everything…

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…I really liked the structure of this issue with the point of view from the antagonist learning about him and his background while he presents the origin of the protagonist. Big fan!


I pre-ordered the Absolute Swamp Thing coming out in July!


Some of my all time favorite stories. Now if the book club went to issue 37 I’d know who my favorite guest appearance is by.

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This is a good prelude of what could be in the new upcoming DC Universe original Swamp Thing! From what I’ve read, the comics stand on their own and would be ideal for story points in the new show.

I don’t know what I would’ve done if I read Woodrue’s report. If I was in ST’s place, I wouldn’t know how to process the information in the report! It was devastating.

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I was trying to figure out what made this story so compelling, and I think it’s what you said about it being told from the point of view from the antagonist. Thank you, I couldn’t figure it out! I’m really hoping the adapt some of the stories for the show.

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You are in luck because this is week 1 of a 3-week book club. Starting Wednesday next week (April 24th), we’ll be covering:
• Volume 3 The Curse (35-42)
• Volume 4 A Murder of Crows (43-50)

The details are in the original post, but feel free to ask any questions you may have about the schedule.