INTERVIEW: Mariko Tamaki Talks Batman and Boba

Mariko Tamaki was already an acclaimed author by the time her first DC work, Supergirl: Being Super #1, was released in December 2016. Skim and This One Summer, her collaborations with her cousin Jillian Tamaki, received widespread praise, with the latter becoming the first, and still only, graphic novel to receive the Caldecott Honor in the award’s 80-plus year history.

As part of DC’s ongoing recognition of AAPI Heritage Month, we talked with Tamaki about her experience contributing to DC Festival of Heroes, what it means to her to be writing a ubiquitous pop culture icon like Batman, the significance of introducing new Asian-American characters like Mayor Nakano in Detective Comics, and the undeniable appeal of artificial banana-flavored boba tea.

To read the interview with Mariko Tamaki and learn about everything from DC Festival of Heroes to boba tea, head over to DC comics!

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Mariko is so awesome! Loved the interview, thanks! :purple_heart: