Interesting note from IGN - DC Movies Leave HBO Max

What are the chances they come here? And I wonder why they’re being pulled so early?FB_IMG_1591882841409|500x500


I don’t know how likely that would be, but it would be pretty cool.

Honestly, I just don’t get why the movies can’t be on both services. I mean sure, maybe give HBO Max a little more precedent by having them have the big movies first, but why not have them also be part of DCU after, say…1-3 years release?

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Especially when there are already a couple things on both services

Apparently the DC content is the biggest draw to the service, so that is really strange they’re doing that.

It’s likely they are leaving to go to whoever paid to show them. As this service isn’t flush with money, it’s unlikely they’ll be arriving here.

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I’m sure it’s just an unfortunately timed licensing issue. Some of those titles are leaving because they were going to leave HBO, others were probably promised to some other service on July 1 long before they had a launch date for HBO Max. Still, it doesn’t look great when you create a DC hub on your shiny new streaming service and six weeks later it’s almost empty.


I hope this leads to more cinematic support for DCU. Sucks that HBO Max members lose the DC movies, and I hope that this doesn’t just linger with both services without DC movies. I really want DCU to grow in the movies department.

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HBOMax will not be cool until all license are back with them.