Interesting Article About the DCU Show-That-Wasn't, Metropolis

A couple years ago, when DC Universe’s lineup for Originals was first revealed, a show called Metropolis was announced alongside Titans, Doom Patrol and Young Justice. I came across a behind-the-scenes article about it earlier, so I thought I’d share!

Could have been fun…


I might be wrong, but I think a show not focusing on Superman would have been doomed. I love Superman, but Lois and Lex are secondary characters in comparison. You could arguably have Superman without either, but could you have either without Superman? Lois as a reporter would work, but Lex as a focal point seems like a bad idea. Not to mention, it is kind of what Lois & Clark started out as. I am very happy to be getting Superman & Lois next year instead, and hopefully Diggle shows up with that gift from the end of Arrow…


Can’t wait for Superman & Lois as well. Can’t come soon enough!

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I had always wondered what happened to this. Good find.

This is a loss for DC Universe, but I’ll admit I’d rather have a Superman show with Superman, you know, in it.


This :point_up_2:


“X-Files” but in the DCU? Yes please!
Yet another Superman prequel where his mythology gets utilized but he STILL doesn’t become Superman until (presumably) the very end? No thank you!

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