Interest Level Check: Justice League Book Club

2020 will be here before we know it, and with it the 60th anniversary of the Justice League.

In honor of the Team of Teams and their forthcoming auspicious anniversary, what do we think of a Justice League Book Club?

If there’s sufficient interest, it’d begin later this year (November or December) or possibly at the beginning of 2020 to commemorate the team’s big 6-0 as it begins.

Every era of the Justice League and all Justice League related comic book titles would be open for discussion, along with Justice League entertainment outside of the comics.

If you’re wondering why a query made in conjunction with an anniversary that’s months away is being made now, it’s because I’m the Plan Long In Advance type, and I want to gauge the current level of interest in this venture :slight_smile:

So, (and to quote Cavill’s Superman): “What do you think?”



I’m currently reading the great Len Wein’s JLA run. I think you could guess my answer.

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I think we should let the book clubs stabilize. I read on [New to DCU] Book Club a Justice League Title almost every week. This upcoming week it’s justice League #6 and then JL Dark #2.

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marks @baseballmaniac down in the “Yes” category

Len Wein’s JLA is lively and wonderful.

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Sounds like a plan to me.

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I’d give it a shot.


Looks like I’ve been beaten to the punch again. Count me in.


adds more “yes” votes to the register

Cool beans. Anyone else?

For those interested so far…

Do you have any requests on initial material you’d like to see in the spotlight?

Anything’s welcome, no matter the era.

@Vroom, I appreciate the thoughtfulness of your comments and posts, and I admire the Superman book club that you run. I haven’t participated in it as much as I’ hoped. Due to a busy family life, I can read regularly for a week…take a month off…and then do a month’s worth of reading over a weekend. It’s kinda haphazard for me. I do “lurk” though and have enjoyed the way you run it, with the video tie-ins & all.

Having said that, I fully endorse your JL Book Club suggestion, with the rather weak caveat that I can’t promise to be a regular…learned that the hard way. In any case, if you do end up doing it, I’m sure it will be a treat for everyone.

As far as suggestions:

  • Justice League Origin…by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee…with comparison to the animated movie Justice League War. Maybe even compare it to “The Brave & the Bold” original origin from 1960. Haven’t read the latter, but that would a good excuse :slight_smile:
  • Justice by Alex Ross and Jim Krueger.
  • Trinity War (I know, another New 52 story. I’m in the minority that likes this one…I think it’s the Ivan Reis art).
  • New Frontier by Darwyn Cooke.

Community 2.0 please…so I can fix my typos…pretty please with a cherry on top!

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@moro Thanks bud! The Superman Book Club is open 24/7, so that it can be there for you when you can be there for it. Drop in any time!

notates your requests

Oh, don’t worry about Trinity War. I liked it too :wink:

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I haven’t read any of the Satellite era. Maybe some of the O’Neil, Wein, or Englehart stuff? I’ve been meaning to read No Man Escapes the Manhunters.

We should also read some of the original Crises with the Justice Society’s guest appearances.

I’d also like to see some JLI, but I’m not sure which story in particular I’d recommend.

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Bumping to see what others who have yet to chime in think.

Regarding the frequency of this Book Club, I’m thinking it’d be a monthly get together.

@BatJamags The entire history of the Justice League is open for discussion, so your ideas are definite possibilities.

For JLI, my first pick would be either the first few issues of Justice League or the first issues to bear “Justice League International” after the title was changed from “Justice League” to “Justice League International” in #7 of that series.

Monthly I would be in

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Let me check with my DCU secretary

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@Don-El Do you have an ever changing secretary like Murphy Brown?

I always found her weekly change in secretaries humorous, especially when Kramer was one.

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notates msgtv’s approval of a monthly format

I figured monthly would be easy for people to get around to, and not get in the way of other BC happenin’s. I’m glad you approve :slight_smile:

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If you’re looking for a starting point, Gardner Fox’s run ends with Justice League of America #65, and Dennis O’Neil takes over with issue #66. However, a great triple feature might be issues #76-78. The first one is a reprint of two wacky early stories by Fox, the second introduces a major shakeup with one of the supporting characters, and the third debuts the satellite.

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I’m down

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