Insight Needed: What Batman Moment Is This Funko Pop Recreating?

I scoured the internet trying to find out what Batman moment this Funko POP is from (Moment #291) but I cannot find anything. I like it because it’s a unique looking Batman, but found it a strange scene. Is Batman doing this to Catwoman in some odd alternate version where he has Poison Ivy powers or is he swooping in to rescue her? Is there a comic book inspiration for this that anyone knows of? Thanks!


this is from one of jim lee’s covers for hush


@Childishgambino is correct. Here’s the cover in question:

In context, Batman is descending to save Catwoman from Poison Ivy’s grasp.


Thanks so much!! I’ve read Hush but it was in graphic novel form and I can’t recall that cover. They have other pops in the Jim Lee series , strange that they wouldn’t promote this one with it. But mystery solved!!! Really appreciate it!