INSANE sale on DC over on Comixology

No, I don’t work for either company. But I was truly astounded at the ridiculous collection of stuff on sale over there. Almost any DC graphic novel you could want for $5!

I’ve picked up way, way too many already.

I completed out my New 52 Batman run (5 books), started 4 or 5 new Rebirth series, picked up a few classics I wanted to have everywhere (hello Kingdom Come), and generally spent far too many simoleons.

Anyone else dip in that crazy cheap pool?



Haven’t gotten a chance to look yet, but I definitely will.


Definitely worth a peek. I hate that my post sounded like a shill but I was truly surprised at exactly how many DC graphic novels are on sale (easily 1000+).

I’m going to, but I haven’t decided on what to get yet. According to the DC site’s mention of the sale, they have at or over 1900 titles on sale.

Except the Essential Edition of The Darkseid War :frowning:

Ah well. Lots of other great books to choose from =)

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I do believe this sale is running through today, if anyone is waiting to pull the trigger.

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