Injustice Year One What Do You Did Superman Do With Joker’s Body

I am reading injustice a second time to refresh my memory as i want to wright a little one-shot during the ‘war of rings’ in i think its year to. we know superman kills the joker by putting his arm threw him, but what did they do with the body. Injustice 'starts; in march of 2014 however Jokers earth prime would be getting his healing factor around this time. so he would survive the attack. personally i think he is locked away for superman to dress him up like batman and just kill him over and over on a bad day. that or he just send him into space to burn in some other sun.


My headcannon is that superman has it somewhere and he uses it as a punching bag, and that hopefully that one day he just buries it as a sign that he’s moving on.

In universe, they never explained but hopefully they will one day.


i also figured he threw the body into the sun…but then i would say the jokers body would be bad for the sun could turn it green or white or something. :slightly_smiling_face:


Superman Killed The Joker By Punching With His Arm Right Into His Body

Well we know that, OP even said that. OP is asking what did Superman do with the body, which was never explained in the comic.



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I had a theory about Joker in Injustice but it was never fully explained.
Remember when Spectre shows up, and it’s not Corrigan? It’s someone else?
I forget the scene exactly but there was a moment when someone figured out who Spectre actually was and they were shocked.
What if Joker became the Spectre?
Because he was helping Superman, I was waiting for the reveal, and then get a moment from Superman to think “oh my god, I’ve been working with Joker”
But they never did it.
Anyone have any thoughts on this?

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You mean mr Mxyzptlk? He disguised himself as the spectre in order to protect superman from magic power users. That wouldve been a cool reveal but would it really work since superman would probably think back and realize maybe it’s not to late to stop.


Its and interesting idea however it would have had to be Jack Napier ala white knight as kingdom come revealed that only a just man can guide the Spectre, and the joker…ya he is not a just man.

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No way, did I miss that?
Gotta go back and check. Good catch