Injustice vs Masters of the Universe

Ok, so when I first saw that DC was releasing an Injustice/Masters of the Universe crossover, I always expected a fun read with lots of interaction between my DC favorites and my childhood favorites from MOTU. What I did not expect was a REALLY GOOD, truly meaningful masterpiece. In SOME ways this thing feels like Kingdom Come or Watchmen. Masterfully written with cool artwork and great characterization! HIGHLY recommended to all fans of DC Comics, the Injustice games, Masters of the Universe fans, and any fans of 80’s pop culture. Trust me, you’ll LOVE this!


I can only agree. It might make my all time top 10 list. Gorgeous art, good storytelling and a love and respect for both these amazing properties.

The old 80s properties just need the right creative people reviving them. Can someone please give these people the keys to the MotU property for the foreseeable future?

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I was kinda hoping it this would have used DC’s epic 2012 masters books for the story however continuing from the thundercats he-man crossover was just as enjoyable, especially when superman gets got. however i really hope the next injustice game fallows the epologe as that would be epic.