INJUSTICE is so entertaining!

I’ve played the fighting games but man this comic series is EPIC! I’m reading through year two right now and I can’t get enough.

How many years does it down? Thoughts on injustice? Discuss!


How many years does it span* lol

There are five years, then a series following the events of the game through Harley Quinn’s perspective called Ground Zero, then Injustice 2 which serves as a prequel to the game of the same name. There’s also Injustice vs. the Masters of the Universe, which takes place after the second game.

I love the series. Who would have ever thought that a digital first video game tie in series would be so good? Clearly not DC, since they cut corners on the art, especially early on. It started to improve once they realized that people actually cared about the series. What’s really great is the storytelling. There’s so many great moments that I never thought I wanted to see. Except for in Year Four. I don’t like that one, but the series was able to bounce back.

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Tom Taylor was kind of the draw for me on that series. After he left I dropped off it. Loving his Spider-Man and DCeased right now, though.


SO many epic moments…its going to be hard to top That lanterns vs superman fight though