Injustice Comics

I’ve been wanting to binge a comic series for a while and I’ve heard that Injustice is pretty good. I’ve never played the game but do I have to to enjoy the comic?

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It’s not necessary. Tom Taylor does a fantastic job of setting everything up and telling some incredibly compelling stories leading up to the main events of the game, and the same goes for the sequel. That said, I’d still definitely recommend both games. Even though they’re the only fighting games I’ve ever played, I’ve still had a lot of fun w/ them between the great stories and getting to play as dozens of DC characters

nope, heck you can read injustice ground zero since that’s the game story mode from harley quinn’s point of view. The order goes; Injustice, Injustice ground Zero, and Injustice 2(after the injustice 2 comic, comes the injustice 2 game)


If we’re looking at chronological order, the ongoing Injustice: Year Zero would actually go first

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No, It is not suppose to be enjoyable, It is beautiful writing, just not an enjoyable concept

I don’t play any video games and read the comics and loved them! You don’t need the games to know what’s happening. They were very well written and have every character which I loved! It was such an interesting take on characters and relationships, and such a good story! I highly highly recommend them.

I think I read the entire original series before I ever played the first game. It’s a good, well-written story. All you really need is a little familiarity with the bigger DC characters, but you’d probably be fine without even that.

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oh yeah, i forgot about that.

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Alright. Thanks guys. I might try it out.