Injustice Arcade Game Cards

Does anybody collect the game cards?

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Didn’t even know they existed. Similar to Pokeman cards?


I also didn’t know these existed, and I’m very excited to hear more about them!

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I thought I was the only one I got all mine at Dave & busters my favorite is regime Shazam

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I JUST played this game for the first time on Sunday! I got Catwoman and Green Arrow :slight_smile: I’ll share an image sometime soon.

They’re KIND of like Pokemon cards, in that you want to collect them. But the cool thing about these is, they are generated from an arcade cabinet of Injustice after you play. They have barcodes on them so you can then scan the character card you got into the system and play as the selected character.

Catwoman was very OP.

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Aaaah…the machine spits them out so you can go back and spend more money to get more cards that send you back to the machine…and the cycle continues. Kind if like a physical spin on the virtual cards in the mobile version.

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@moro Because the arcade game is basically a port of the mobile version.

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I’m hooked on collecting them. So far I have 53…

Where does one obtain these?

Oh man, there’s a Cassandra Cain one! I want that!

Arcade game. Dave&Buster’s and Main Event have it. I’m sure other big arcades have them too…

I think I have 13 of them.

I have about 9 to 12 of these. Got them on my last cruise, because the game was on the ship!