Injustice 3 story and characters

What characters do you want in it? And where do you think the story should go?

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They should pick up with superman escaping from the phantom zone or supergirl trying to help get out of superman’s control.

*get batman out of superman’s control.

I actually recently made a list of charcters and my friend liked it, so I’ll share it.

Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Green Lantern, Flash, Black Adam, Harley, Green Arrow, Cyborg, Catwoman, Catwoman, Supergirl, Robin/Nightwing, Black Canary, Blue Beetle, Red Hood, Starfire, Black Manta, Captain Cold, Dr. Fate as returning characters.

New characters:
Bluebird, Constantine, Larfleeze, Mirror Master or maybe Trickster, Circe, Killer Croc, Prometheus, Vibe, Mongul (big bad of the game), Plastic Man, Sideways, Saturn Girl, Static or Black Lightning (the one who isn’t in becomes a skin).

Rorschach , Steel (Nat), Beast Boy, Cassie Cage, Spawn (I know he’s in MK11, but he’s also wanted here), Judge Dredd, Big Barda or Granny Goodness, Invincible, and Shaggy (seriously).

Finally, the new special skins some characters have:
All the old ones return, Ocean Master (Aquaman), Guy Garner (Green Lantern), Elongated Man (Plastic Man, yes, I know Plas is more flexible than Ralph, oh well), Jesse Quick (Flash), Artemis/Arrowette/Tigress (Green Arrow), Orca (Killer Croc), Static/Black Lightning (depending on who is in the base roster).

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Also, while I like to believe Batman won at the end of Injustice 2, there’s a lot more opportunities for good storytelling if Clark actually came out on top.

It’s tough considering so many good ones are already dead in this world. I think they could shift back to the multiverse idea as a main plot point. This would allow for a more diverse roster. What if Evil Sups (or someone from his regime) is able to venture to another earth to get help from a villain or group of villains the way Batman did with heroes in the first? I would also like to have a more imposing big bad. Get Darkseid in on the story line.

Regardless, I love this series and would pre-order 3 in a heartbeat.

There’s still a lot of options. Besides, characters dying never stopped them.

Also, I don’t think the focus should be on the big bad. They’re secondary to the fight between Batman’s and Superman’s teams.

Dying characters don’t stop them, but they explain the how (GA from parallel Earth, Joker is fear toxin vision). I think the Multiverse is a good way to explain how for some potential characters.

Everyone has their preference, that’s fine. I wouldn’t mind seeing someone like Darkseid trying to use the feud to their advantage.

Thinking about it some more, if we get a similar gear system or an improved version, I would love Deathstroke to come back. His armor would be fun to tinker with.

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