Injustice 2 Mobile vs Challenge

I’ve been playing Injustive 2 mobile every day for over a year now and I feel like the developers have removed gear from the vs challenges (20 energy). I dont seem to get drops anymore and both times I have reached out to the developers they ignored me. Does anyone know if they removed it? I wouldn’t be surprised considering how much they want your money, charging $100 for a single character and an additional $20-$30 just for gear.

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Not sure if things have changed as of the last update. When the Brainiac challenge debuted, I was able to obtain him and all his gear. What I noticed is the gear drop rate is very low. Used thousands of gems on that challenge, and eventually 6 starred the character, but didn’t need to buy that gear pack. Not sure about the other legendary challenge (Grodd); been sitting that one out every time.