Injustice 2. how do they do it?

So, I’m reading Injustice 2. It comes out every week. Awesome. How do they do that? Apparently they’ve done since the begining. Injustice 1 has over a hundred issues. These comics appear to have the same amount of pages and the writing is quality.

I’m not usually one to care much about the art but the art is also very good.

How can they do it? With deadlines and talent costs? And why can’t they do it with bigger titles?

Good editors, schedule coordination and communication are the keys.

That, and there’s no printing company involved so that makes things alot easier from logistics perspective too.


The digital chapters have 20 half pages, which is the same as 10 full pages. So they have half the work and don’t have to worry about printing them (until the physical issues eventual release a while later).


Also, the individual issues are much shorter than normal comics. At least half the length. Maybe less.


Hey thanks guys. It says 23 pages but I guess there are less frames? Digital is DEFIBITELY THE way to go. And regarding good editing and coordination, sometimes old tricks are the best , eh?

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Each page of the injustice comic is half a normal page. When they print the physical issues they put two of the digital pages on one page.

It’s not really the amount of frames that matter, it’s the size


Okay. So having half pages helps only with the printing? Or is there something about the writing or drawing that makes it faster too?

I was thinking if you do the roughly same amount of frames on a half page it would be the same length right?

Drawing 20 half pages takes half the work of drawing 20 full pages

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The amount of panels doesn’t matter. Whether a page has 9 panels or 1, the artist still has to fill the entire page with art.

But in the case of Injustice’s digital chapters, those pages are half the size. So there’s half as much art to draw.

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So with Injustice you’re getting 1/2 of a comic every week. Over the past couple years DC has shown that they can release a full comic every 2 weeks so long as they have good coordination. So if you think about it the math adds up.

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