Info on Hoppy, The Marvel Bunny...Vote Hoppy!!!

Since there is still no encyclopedia entry for Hoppy, (argh!!!) You can find information on him on Wikipedia. Here is a small bit, for those who don’t know.
“Captain Marvel Bunny has the wisdom of Salamander, the strength of Hogules, the stamina of Antlers, the power of Zebreus, the courage of Abalone, and the speed of Monkury”

He can take Trigon, just out of annoyance, by shooting lighting at Trigon’s tuckus. Trigon will get so annoyed, he forfeits!!

Vote Hoppy!!!
(If for no other reason than his lack of proper representation in the encyclopedia. Show the powers that be what a true hero can do. That way they’ll HAVE to give him an entry.)


Yas #teamhoppy