Infinate Crisis

So I tried to jump into infinite crisis with number 1 but I feel like I’m missing a lot. What do I need to read before I read infinite crisis

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I know @Vroom has the answer for your question.


Well, it is a sequel to Crisis on Infinite Earths. There’s also lead-in material to it, such as:

-the Countdown to Infinite Crisis one-shot (available for free at Comixology)
-the Sacrifice arc in the Superman titles (I don’t have the issues of each book handy offhand, but it does include Wonder Woman volume two #'s 219 and 220 for sure; its available in trade)
-four mini-series (Day of Vengeance, The Omac Project, The Rann-Thanagar War and Villains United, all of which also have follow-up one-shot specials; RTW is not on DCU at this writing, but the other three and their specials are)
-the Crisis of Conscience arc in JLA (issues 115-119, written by Geoff Johns as well as Allan Heinberg of Wonder Woman comic/movie fame; this arc is not on DCU right now but is available digitally in single issues and the JLA volume 9 trade)
-“Countdown to Infinite Crisis” branded tie-in issues from assorted titles

Of that, what is essential to Infinite Crisis? For me, the Countdown to Infinite Crisis one-shot and that’s it. Everything else gets mentioned in some context throughout the main IC book, but you really don’t have to read all of the above to get it. Heck, I didn’t know Infinite Crisis was a sequel when it started to come out. I picked it up as it was released and enjoyed it just fine as an event on its own. I didn’t read Crisis on Infinite Earths in full until several years later.

Hope this helps =)


Everyone should read Countdown to Infinite Crisis… it is an amazing read although maybe I am saying that in part because I am a Ted Kord Blue Beetle fanboy and easily his best story in all of DC (at least of what I have read).


Poor Ted…


If you have a decent understanding of DC lore then Infinite Crisis can be understood on it’s own. Although, it is more enjoyable having read Crisis on Infinite Earths and Countdown to Infinite Crisis .

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Thank you @vroom!

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You’re quite welcome. I hope the material I highlighted is of interest to you and you’ll want to expand your Infinite Crisis experience.

If those highlighted items aren’t of interest, that’s fine. I hope I was able to smooth out some bumps for you regarding the main book.

Happy reading =)