Incorrect labels on the Teen Titans episodes

Multiple errors on the Teen Titans episode labels. Seasons 1 through 4 are organized into just 2 seasons on this service. Also, they are labeled in “S01E01” format but the episodes numbers are cumulative. This results in the fifth episode of season 5 being labeled as “S03E56” (yes, that’s 03 and not 05).

This is one of the brand’s flagship series, and it may see more attention as “Titans” is released next week. Even more so as word of a season 6 starts to pick up. Can get this fixed please?

To be clear in the example above, the fifth episode of season 5 should be “S05E05”.

Also (which I noted in the community thread over on the series page) some of the episodes are out of order.
In season 1, Divide & Conquer should be episode 1 and Final Exam should be episode 3, but they’re switched. Car Trouble should be episode 11, before The Apprentice parts 1 & 2 (since they’re the season 1 finale).
In season 2 (actually seasons 3 & 4, but listed as 2 here), Don’t Touch That Dial should be episode 14 (or season 4 episode 1), coming after Titans East part 2 instead of in the middle of the season 3 finale.