Inaccessible new comics in the Comics section

I see there’s a variety of new and returning titles in the Comics section, but all of the new booksI’ve tried to read say “Book not available.”

Is this part of a test upload or are these books set to be available at a specific time today that has yet to roll around? There’s some great stuff in there, curious to know when it will be available.


@Vroom can you give an example? I’ve searched for a couple series I know are limited, and they still are.

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Oh wait I see it too. All Star Superman used to only list 1 issue. Now it lists 12, but 11 of them are “Book Not Available”.

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Its pretty much everything that was available before it was taken off from (I’m guessing) the beginning of the beta test to the end of October.

Was All Star Superman available in its entirety during the beta?

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I believe All Star Superman was only the first three issues. Batman: Dark Victory, Batman: The Long Halloween, and Identity Crisis have all returned and appear to be readable ATM.


If you are having issues accessing the new comic books recently added, please reach out to the Justice League for assistance!



I just submitted a ticket and we’ll see what comes of it. I have to admit I have not been overly pleased with the responsiveness of your customer service department.

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I doubt this is a one-off issue. Can anyone read any of the Batman: The Long Halloween issues?


I can’t read any of Batman:The Long Halloween or All Star Superman.

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From Support - “Our development team is currently aware of the issue, and they’re working to have it resolved as soon as possible.”


Yikes they may have adjusted it to well, I just checked Shazam the new beginning … now it’s down to three issues…

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I got the same message. Wondering if uninstalling and reinstalling will work. Is anyone else able to read them?

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Not surprised about Shazam being shortened. DCU is pulling a lot of titles even while they’re promoting them.

They had a promotion on the home page of “origin stories” and one was Power Girl’s in JSA Classified. A 4 issue series. They gave us 3 issues and left us to find the 4th elsewhere.

Similarly they had a “major DC events” promotion on home page and included Flashpoint #1 and none of the other issues.

DCU needs to do such a better job when it comes to comics content. Mostly they give you an issue or two to get you hooked and leave you to find the others yourself.

More than anything the comics section and DC Daily are about promoting things they’re trying to sell. Not cool when one has paid $75/year to use this service primarily as a way to promote sales of merch and comics that aren’t available here.

The only thing that makes this service worthwhile to me is Titans. It’s gotten great and is the only thing I really appreciate from DCU. It’s the only thing that justifies my subscription.

Maybe it’s because I’m nearly 50 years old and am not just being introduced to the DCU. I expected that with an exclusive service we would get some exclusives other than one series for the first 4 months. DC Daily has a “news” section they open with and they treat it like it’s actually breaking news but it literally NEVER is.

DC Daily “news” is always/only promotions for merch they’re trying to sell or for comics they’re promoting. You’ll notice if you check that the most expensive books (new creator showcase, that apocalypse anthology, and all other highly priced books are ALWAYS the ones they promote along with books that aren’t selling well like Supergirl.

It would be nice if they actually broke news in their news section but if you follow comics at all, the news is ALWAYS broken on other comics sites. That’s not a necessity. That’s a choice. And it’s soured me on the service immensely.

I still LOVE Titans and am very much looking forward to Swamp Thing, Stargirl, and the other new programming but the service that was supposed to provide exclusive content to DCU fans (I’m a lifelong one that’s almost 50 years old) and apart from the original series’ there is literally nothing exclusive about this service.

It could be SO MUCH BETTER. This lifelong DC fan is bitterly disappointed it isn’t.


The comics appear on the screen for me, it will say 5 issues, but when I go to the 1st one they’ll be like 10 but you can’t read past 5 it says error. Idk if those issues were supposed to be removed & are still on there or if there supposed to be readable but it’s an error? Just curious.

About thirty minutes ago all the series that had added titles were gone completely and now they’re back with only what was there before. I’m guessing its all just a glitch or a test since there is no official announcement of whatever is changing.

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Yes, maybe it’s b/c there adding a bunch of new content. I heard a little birdy say something along those lines. They know what their doing, were in good hands.

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I got my hopes up but I doubt we’ll see much of a change before the new year when Titans’ first season is finished and Young Justice is ready to launch. I expect we’ll see a revamped comic book selection at that point as a push to pull in new or lapsed subscribers.

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Lol only DC would follow up repeated content complaints by making a bunch of new content accidentally appear, and them vanish.

Let’s hope it’s a sign of good things to come.

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