In your opinion what’s the weirdest useful superpower?

What is the weirdest Useful superpower ; let me know and tell us if there is a superhero with this power. So let the weirdness begin! HAHA

All I have is weird thoughts !

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Godiva. Hair as a weapon. I love her tho. JLI member at one time.


Eating Matter. It would be really useful. But it’s still weird to witness.


@capo-mage Hair as Weird superpower :white_check_mark: @Behemoth eating matter really weird superpower :white_check_mark: surprised this didn’t blow up though :sob:


Give it time. I’ve had ones sit for months with nothing. Than start. Also had plenty with 0 results. It happens. This one will probably get going.

Condiment King.

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Although I would argue not a superpower but big squirt gun that shoots catchup and mustard; but weird so I’ll allow it!

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Polecat Jenkins