in with the new

Everyone I have talk to dose not like the change or new characters if you remember Starfire was tan in a few things of the teen Titans a new black Canary sweet I like the change I like how it’s not just the same ol same ol I’m not happy people see it once make a decision and stick with it never given it a chance a lot of people don’t realise how hard it is to put their own mark on great movies n shows and how up tight others are with copyright infringement so their hands are bound rob Zombie or okayed to redo Halloween as long as he didn’t copy or remake so cause of that he did his own thing and he did a better job ( in my opinion)

I respect what you’re saying, but I’m sorry Rob Zombie did not do a better job with his Halloween remake complete disrespect of the character.

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I was kinda agreeing with you but you lost me with Rob Zombie doing better with Halloween. All credibility lost!

I’m not thrilled about the casting for Starfire or for Black Canary. I have never seen the actress for Starfire in anything (to my knowledge), and she might do a great job - we’ll see. I just feel they could have gotten someone more physically accurate for the role, and race has nothing to do with it. As for the Black Canary role, I am familiar with the actress, and I feel like she will do a great job with the role. But she would have been better cast as Huntress, IMO.