In what states are the famous DC comic cities located?

If I’m remembering correctly Metropolis is in Delaware and Gotham is in New Jersey? Am I correct?

Anyone know where the other cities are located in the US?


@Bamf, yes, Gotham City is in South New Jersey and Metropolis is across the bay in Delaware. Today and takes place in the Midwest (mostly in Detroit, MI). Some familiar cities nearby are Midway City, MI (north of Detroit), home of the Doom Patrol, and Fawcett City, IN, home of Captain Marvel.

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Wow, I never knew that. Cool info to learn. Metropolis in Delaware & Gotham in Jersey kinda sounds lame, lol. But still cool to know. Thanks!

Metropolis is a stand in for New York, it is referred to as “the Big Apricot” not unlike NY’s “Big Apple”. Also, Metropolis means “large, densely populated city”. Metropolis and Gotham being across the bay from one another is exclusive to BvS, Zack Snyder once stated it was the biggest departure he took from the comics.

Coast City is essentially Los Angeles or San Francisco.

I think Jump City is supposed to be a stand in for San Diego based on it’s geography. Central City used to be based off Athens, Ohio, but recent comics have relocated it to Missouri. Bludhaven is also located in Jersey, close enough to Gotham.

Star City is in Washington(the state), and Metropolis is suppose to be a stand in for Chicago.

Never heard anything about Metropolis being a stand in for Chicago, but I have heard Gotham being based on it. The 1920s Chicago crime wave clearly inspired Batman’s earliest thugs. Pretty sure Carmine Falcone is basically Alfonso Capone.
I think the fact that Metropolis has a statue of Liberty in Metroplolis Harbor to be the clearest indication that Metropolis is New York. Again, Metropolis is referred to as the Big Apricott. New York is referred to as the Big Apple. That isnt a coincidence. Also, Jack Kirby based Suicide Slum on the lower east side New York City he grew up in, it was later stated to be Metropolis’ most down trodden neighborhood. John Byrne based Metropolis’ architecture on Manhattan and all of the Christopher Reeve movies use New York as Metropolis.
Frank Miller says Metropolis represents New York during the day, Gotham is New York at night.
Gotham has Jerseys architecture with Chicago’s crime and corruption.

In Smallville, Metropolis was in Kansas.

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It has been said to me by several people that they weren’t surprised Gotham was in Jersey given the bad rap Jersey gets all the time.

The Titans Tower is in San Francisco unless they moved it since last time I read their books several decades ago.

Using New York as the stand in for Metropolis in the Supes movies was always odd to me. As a kid even I knew they were using NYC as Metropolis. Lol!!


@Zombedy, regarding your first post, Metropolis is actually just a name for a big city. It is neither New York or Chicago, since those cities actually exist in the DCU. Back in 1992, Mayfair Games actually published an Atlas of the DC Universe that served as gaming material for the DC Heroes RPG as well as an in-universe reference for DC fans. The maps in that book were created by Paul Kupperberg, was a long time writer for DC and an editor for the same from 1991-2006.

The fact that cities like Metropolis, Gotham, Central, and Star were placed in context with the more recognizable cities that we know in the real world kind of shows the intent of the writers/editors of that time and also shows that a director like Zack Snyder tried to maintain that intent (showing that Metropolis and Gotham City are neighboring cities similar to how San Francisco and Oakland are – across the bay).



Just as a reference, here are links to the (online) Atlas of the DC Universe:

From’s WarpZone:
From the DC Wikia:


@dnno1 I see, didnt realize DC had gone as far as giving a canonical geography to their fictional cities. I was going with which real life cities were originally represented by the fictional ones. My point about the name Metropolis was that in 1939, New York was definitely this nation’s “Metropolis” in the traditional meaning. If that is the case, then they dont have real world counter parts. It’s honestly a little odd to me that they now exist alongside each other. I guess it’s probably a smart move, if something of real world significance DC may want to chime in or help out with charity books or something.

@ Zombedy, the way the maps are shown in the DCU, there now is a theory, that Earth in the DCU is actually bigger than the one we live in since there are actually more cities.

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Would make sense. In JLA vs. Avengers, the Marvel Earth was smaller than the DC Earth. It was mentioned that the Marvel Earth had the same major cities in place like New York but DC had more larger cities (Metropolis and Gotham City) which Marvel did not have.

So I guess the Marvel Earth is closer to our own Earth. To my understanding.


star city =seattle

I would live to visit some of these cities


To me Gotham and Metropolis are both New York. New York reminds me of Metropolis during the day, and Gotham in the night. :slight_smile:



I wouldn’t mind visiting Metropolis. Or even Central City.

Gotham? Not sure. Very crime riddled. And the fact the Joker is based there. I wouldn’t want to bump into him. Lol!!

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Gotham is in New Jersey, and metropolis is in Delaware. It’s been a thing for a long time.

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Even though Central City is based in the Midwest for some reason, it’s 100% an analog for Philadelphia.

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