"In this series" feature not working, and app misremembering which book i left off on

I believe I’ve posted about the “in this series” feature before and the issue was resolved, but I’m having the same issue again. As seen in the video I’m posting, the in this series feature only goes to issue 79 of Swamp Thing, despite me being passed it.

This is especially irritating as the app CONSISTENTLY misremembers which book I left off on in a series. I finish an issue, and move on to the next. When I’m done reading I open the next issue so I can start it when I come back, but every single time it skips to the next issue. I’m having the same issues consistently on my Galaxy tab a tablet, and my Galaxy S21 5G phone. I’ve restarted the devices, emptied my cashe, to no avail. Please fix these issues!


Thank you for reporting this issue, and I’m sorry you’re dealing with this!

Can you please submit a ticket to our Support Team including the information you’ve given us here?

Thank you so much!!

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Done! Thanks!