In the midst of all this sw-sw-sweet new to DCU comic goodness, I spied this on the DC site...

They list some other upcoming titles/arcs that are on their way. Sure sounds schway!


Yeah it’s funny that the DC was reluctant to publish that here but we’re finding it elsewhere huh looking forward to seeing Animal Man and some of the others

I’m jonesin’ for Hush, The Wildstorm and everything else.


Jokes & Riddles! That’s on my list! Giggles with Joy!

Do we know what the comics count is and what it will be?


Am also really looking forward to Animal Man. I read that run already, but don’t own those comics now so would love to read it again. It was some great stuff.

@msgtv, the word right now is over 5,000 books will be here by the end of March. For various reasons, we may not get an exact count. At least not until there’s a break between uploads and everything is tallied up.

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