In Appreciation of Steve Lightle, Artist on DOOM PATROL and LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES

Doom Patrol (1987) #1 - Cover Art by Steve Lightle

We are very sad to say that today, DC Comics has lost the immensely talented and legendary artist, Steve Lightle. Lightle contributed his work to DC Comics and the industry at large, bringing his expressive and iconic style to series like Doom Patrol and Legion of Super-Heroes.

While Lightle contributed to many of DC’s titles, here are a few you can explore to honor his memory:

Boost Gold: Future’s End (2014)
Doom Patrol (1987)
Legion of Super-Heroes (1984)

How did Lightle’s work impact your fandom? Have you ever run into him at a con? And if you have a favorite piece of artwork, we’d love to see it in the comments below. :heart:


Sad news.
Rest In Peace.
I haven’t read any work he’s done I think but I’ve seen his awesome™:+1: art.
May his work continues to inspire and amaze.


Very sad to hear. Seeing his work on a Legion of Super Heroes cover introduced me to the wonderful world of DC’s 30th Century. May he rest in peace.


A great talent who will be missed.

I enjoyed his Doom Patrol of the '80s and appreciate what he did with Legion of Super-heroes and other titles over the years.


Such a sad loss.

I posted this a while ago and it seems appropriate to add it here. This is the plate of the LSH he contributed to the History of the DC Universe portfolio.


A true talent who will be missed, and brought myself and many others happiness over the years.


Once again the night sky shines a little less brightly. Another DC talent has moved on to a much bigger and better place. If I knew nothing about him, beyond his work, where and how he chose to display it, I would be the better for it. As I believe, were we all. Rest in Peace.


One of the greatest artist will be greatly missed, covered his great art in our Doom Patrol Club book club and will celebrate him greatly and may he rest in peace :robotman_dp: :disappointed:


He worked on a lot of my favorites coming up and is forever intertwined with my love and appreciation for art and expression. Here is to a lifetime of memories, warmth, and kindness.

All the best to his family. / :white_heart: / :purple_heart: / :black_heart: /

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I worked with Steve a few times many years ago. Very nice guy and s great talent. Here’s something he did for me forever ago. How many of you are old enough to remember pogs?!


I do remember them, and still have a few lying around.

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Absolutely adored his work on Doom Patrol and Legion of Super-Heroes. Sad to hear he’s gone – and at only 61, that’s just way too damn soon.

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