I had a couple thoughts to make the app better. You should put smallville on here. Plus the new tv series like the Flash, Arrow, Legends of tomorrow and Supergirl. Also you should have movie trailers on here for new dc movies coming out. Plus extra stuff you can only get on here. Like bonus features. Have it where movies that are coming out on bluray you can get here a week or two earlier. Behind the scenes clips and such. Please everybody respond or comment and let’s make this happen!!


i think that good

They already have trailers for new movies lol and all that other stuff u said they can’t put it on rn bc it’s licensed somewhere else

Smallville will be here when the Hulu contract expires. When that is, I dunno, you’d have to ask the mods. But I’m not sure they have authorization to share that information.

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Bottom line is all DC related media will end up here eventually.


I don’t want to make any promises, but I’d say that DCU WANTS all DC related media here. They’re not intentionally depriving you of any content, there’s just a lot of pre-existing deals that have to be untangled.


@HOW Exactly! @Bad_Bonz you’re not the first one that’s brought this up and you sure won’t be the last. I think you’re the 5th or 6th one I’ve replied to.

It’s all good though. I don’t mind informing new users one bit. That what is vets should do. And now you can follow suit.


*@HCQ good God Kindle spell check is a special kind of stupid! It I am, I dunno. :confused:

*OR I AM. REALLY?!? I give up