Improvements to the Comics experience

Let me start off by saying that i love DC Universe but if anyone asks what my number one complaint with it is, it’s the rotation of comics. There’s no good reason for it. It’s very frustrating for those of us that can’t read comics 24 hours a day or even more than a couple issues a week depending on what things are going on in real life. I will consistently raise this concern whenever it comes up in hopes of the higher ups listening to us.

That being said, I just wanted to give a well deserved thank you to the devs for having the front page of the comics section full of multi-issue storylines organized for us. This makes the experience of browsing comics much easier and more appealing. It makes me want to use the app more than I did when I was just browsing the whole catalogue.

I still firmly (and loudly) believe that the comics section needs to be much bigger and the rotation of comics needs to be ditched in favor of a regularly updated consistent library. But the organization and suggestion of storylines across multiple issues (and hopefully eventually multiple titles/tie-ins cough Blackest Night cough) makes me want to actually use this service more.

Devs/mods, as a suggestion for the future, please make this a permanent section alongside the full list of titles! Organize by storylines so we can quickly access great stories as well as entire runs/books! If you give us more options for consuming content, then more types of people will enjoy consuming it and your business will thrive!

So, what features would you all like to see added to the service in specific sections, (aside from the usual “moar comiks” complaints)?


Thanks for your feedback, @jspatterson0921! I will be sure to pass it along to our team for review. :slight_smile:

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