Improvement to the CW Black Lightning Series

You know what would make the CWs Black Lightning the TV real pop, especially since the Black Lightning is on a different earth from all the other characters, add Icon and Rocket to the series. Let Tobias Whale get broken out of jail by the Blood Syndicate and introduce Hardware and Static.

This would be a awesome push back against Marvel’s Black Panther and Luke Cage. If they do it right it wont be cheesy.


Black Lightning seems to be more focused on pushing social commentary than superhero drama. And that’s fine, but it makes your show such a slog to sit through, maybe it’s time to find a better balance.


I don’t find the social commentary to be too bad. The police chief does balance things out a bit.

I found this season of Black Lightning kind of a chore if I’m being honest. The Jennifer/Khalil on the run storyline killed the momentum, but it did introduce us to Cutter, who I found to be an outstanding villain.

Speaking of villains, I think that’s the main reason I keep watching. In a show that can get bogged down in its own social commentary, Tobias seems like the only one having fun. I love the group he’s put together and the complexities of his character. When he talks to the portrait, you get him a little more each time. He makes the show worth it every week.

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I did find it funny how she was so upset about the one guy killed by the police when she had killed herself had killed dozens of officers.

Personally I stopped watching pretty early into season 1 but if the series was reworked to a static series I’d be in 110% I’m much more interested in static than black lightning but they could keep the “green light babies” by just renaming them “bang babies”

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They also took the Outsiders character Looker and made her a white supremacist. I hate White Supremacy at the same time though i don’t want to be reminded of it or other things in a SUPERHERO series. It actually gets almost annoying seeing characters on that show talk about “Saving THEIR people” or “Protecting THEIR people”. Imagine if a white superhero said that and how racist it would be. I thought Superheroes were supposed to save and protect EVERYONE regardless of skin color. Honestly pushing social commentary and forced agendas is just one of the reasons i dropped the arrowverse and watched the Marvel Netflix shows (until they got cancelled) and other than they yearly crossover i haven’t looked back.

I’m probably wrong, but there are connections that could place BL on either Supergirl earth or Earth 2. I’d like Tobias Whale to stay locked up for awhile.
They could do social commentary with some lighter episodes. I’ve watched every episode, but sometimes it is hard because the show is so draining.
Give the police chief something to do other than cleanup
Thunder should go on a road trip looking for Grace, do some world building.

Let’s give Thunder a break. Anissa and Lynn are my least favorite characters on the show. Lynn is so inconsistently written and Anissa grates on you after a while. I feel like this season belonged to Jennifer.

I totally agree with what most people are saying here: id love to see Henderson do more on the show. I thought it was a bold move to have Jefferson reveal his identity to him.

Maybe this upcoming season with the Markovians will give us something new. The show can use a boost.

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Also, I know it’s a long shot but I would love to see Static appear either on here or Legends of Tomorrow. It’s time Virgil got some live action appreciation.