Impromptu supra late night watchalong: Young Justice S1E8

Join us for a very impromptu watchalong of Young Justice!

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how about 35 after the hour? (~2 minutes?)

sounds good!

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I’m ready! allowing for my inevitable Roku crash, of course, but i’ll catch up


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who’s your favorite on the team this season?

sheesh harsh batman

I like Aqualad, but also Zatanna

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yeah, this Aqualad’s a great new legacy hero! i love Dick as Robin, sad we only got one season with him

When i saw the time jump, i realized it was about getting some Nightwing time.

I chose this episode because i wanted to see how the writers disappoint me in season 3

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[whisper] i haven’t even finished season 3 :laughing:

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that is a hairdo you can only get underwater

then i won’t talk about my disappointment.

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Red Tornado’s already catching on to life with the team!

:laughing: you can if you want to, i’m not invested in it enough to worry about spoilers

I do like this Dick Grayson. and that the Bruce and Dick relationship has no animosity

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kinda creepy putting cameras in the gym, Batdad

preach! i think i’ve had my fill of Batfamily angst. let 'em be happy for a while!

so atlanteans salute with their armpits, i’ll have to remember that

the timing of the news and the attack can’t be an accident

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