Imprints for DC Universe Infinite

I have been trying to locate books on DC Universe Infinite such as “Teen Titans: Raven” and “Primer” with little luck. Knowing the search engine can be persnickety I instead tried searching under ‘Filter’ since that method has been the most reliable for me in efforts to track down specific titles.

But while I was doing so I could not help but notice that the filter option for “Imprints” is rather…Lacking to be perfectly honest. Its options being
DC Black Label
DC Comics
Young Animal

This rather surprised me as I know that DC has had several imprints over the years which are not listed in this. Imprints such as
DC Zoom
DC Ink
DC Graphic Novels for Young Adults
Johnny DC

I was just wondering if it would be possible to include some of these imprints in the filter options as it would make DC Universe Infinite much easier to navigate.


Hey @nuuninuunani! You bring up a good point about the filter options on our platform and I’ve noted this suggestion on our list to be passed along to the higher-ups. Thank you for your feedback and feel free to keep letting us know what improvements you’d like to see next. :smiley:


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